Liebster Award Nomination for It’s My Write

Liebster Award Nomination for It’s My Write

Liebster Award
It’s my Write has been nominated for the Liebster Award by Brits & Russkies, a blog devoted to discovering different cultures in the world. The blog mainly examines the wonderful Russian and English customs and traditions. And if you’re someone trying to win the heart of a Russian girl, this blog is for you!  Please check it out and enjoy her blog.

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers to recognize their work and effort and to help new bloggers like me to feel welcomed and be discovered. I am really surprised and glad to be nominated for this award. I am relatively new in the blogosphere, so this nomination is a very good chance for me to reach out to my fellow bloggers. Thank you Kristina Sikorskaja for appreciating my work and for giving me the chance to share a part of me to you guys.

Rules for the nominees:

  1. Make sure to thank the blogger who nominated you and link him on your post.
  2. Show the Liebster Award on your post.
  3. Answer the 10 questions you are being asked and then create your own list of 10 questions.
  4. Nominate other bloggers and make sure to notify them.

I did not make these rules up, this is just how this award works. Peace!

My nominees are for the Liebster Award are:












Brits and Russkies’ questions:

  1. What defines the most of a culture from any nationality? – Culture is the characteristic or traits, the way of life, the food, and the belief system of a group of people whereas nationality is the country where the person is from or the country the person is a citizen of.
  2. What do you think is the reason is for stereotypical representations about Russians? – I think the media is the main reason for stereotypical representations of not only Russians, but of different groups of people. In the media, certain groups of people are portrayed in certain ways, which are not always accurate. Since the media does not always show an accurate representation of everything, you as a blogger of Russian and English cultures along with other bloggers of your culture can promote Russian culture in its truest sense.
  3. How can you distinguish an Eastern European from the a Westerner? – I actually don’t know how, I just can tell if somebody is Russian when I hear him/her speak. =)
  4. How important will it be to you to remain culturally to your motherland background if you move to live abroad?  – I’m not sure if I get this question right. lol I agree that when in Rome, it is wise to do as the Romans do. Our motherland background should remain in our hearts since it is a part of our identity that cannot be denied. However, I don’t believe that imposing our motherland background upon others is right. I think that being good to others and living a peaceful life is important more than anything, and consequently, it creates a positive feedback on our culture, and the values inculcated in us by our folks.
  5. What can be the difficulties when adopting to the different culture? – Adopting to a different culture can be very difficult to someone whose culture is very different from that culture. The difference in the food, way of life, beliefs, and religion can make it difficult.
  6. What can make it easier to understand the different country’s culture? – In the process of understanding anything, having an open mind comes in handy. And in understanding another culture, it will help a lot to read books or stories about the country and people from that country. Watching movies from that country also gives you a general idea of their culture and helps you understand why people from that country behave or act the way they do.
  7. What part does humor play in your every day life? – Humor plays a vital role in my life. It makes life fun and easier. I always try to see the humor in everything. I also learned from experience that people with a good sense of humor connect to other people and develop friendships rather easily.
  8. Are sarcasm and the sense of humour the same things? – It depends on the sarcasm. Some sarcasms are humorous, while others are plainly straightforward and ascerbic.Sarcasm is the expression of disgust or contempt towards a person, thing, place or situation using mockery, wit or humor; while sense of humor is the ability to see the humor or fun in anything.I prefer sarcasms that are humorous. I find people who deliver sarcasms in a humorous way smart. In the same way, people who understand sarcasms are also smart. But of course, there’s always the right time, crowd, and place for everything – including sarcasm.
  9. Is a sacrastic person – a good person? – The goodness of a person cannot be judged solely on one’s preference to use sarcasm or not, so I say yes, sarcastic people can be good people too. Sarcasm is wittingly expressing your negative feelings or thoughts about someone, something or a situation and expressing them without fear of being judged as someone mean or bad. I believe people are not sarcastic 24/7. Only certain situations or people trigger the “Sarcastic On” button. It’s usually when the people around or the situation gets stupid. If the person is sarcastic ALL THE TIME even without reason or provocation, I don’t think he/she is sarcastic -he/she is rude!
  10. Russian or English humour? Love them both! =)

Some questions I would like to find out about you:

  1. Describe yourself using 3 adjectives.
  2. What scares you the most?
  3. What makes you happy?
  4. What motivates you to continue blogging?
  5. What do you think about cyber bullying?
  6. Can a man and a woman be best of friends without falling in love with each other?
  7. If you had to give your child/future child advice about life, what advice would you give?
  8. Do you think a college degree is necessary to become successful?
  9. Which would you prefer to have, a relationship with an older partner or with a younger one?
  10. Are white lies okay?

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